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Return to Work COVID Screening Program


It’s simple, easy, and fast! Follow these steps to ensure you are safe to return to work:

  1. Schedule your appointment at https://covid.afteroursinc.com/in-clinic-visits/
  2. Fill out the online health questionnaire at https://covid.afteroursinc.com/covid-19-risk-assessment-app/
  3. Arrive at our clinic during your scheduled appointment time - no need to leave your car, we’ll come to you!
  4. Consult with a provider via our telehealth platform at https://afterours.doxy.me/co
  5. Take a serology COVID-19 screening test (finger stick)
  6. Receive results of your test within 10 minutes
  7. Receive a work note stating your ability to return to work
  8. Positive serology test results will require additional confirmatory screening test. Results of the confirmatory screening are typically back within 72 hours.

Cost is only $150 per patient: includes evaluation, COVID-19 test, and Return to Work note, and confirmatory test, when needed.

EMPLOYERS: 10% discount given for groups of 10 or more. We will come to your place of business and conduct the return to work screening for your employees. Assure your customers that your staff are healthy and have been cleared to return to work! 

Stay safe!